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Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls are exactly that, they retain something. I.E soil stone clay etc. Don't confuse a decorative wall with a retaing wall. Some walls are designed to be strictly a decorative piece, while other walls are designed with an engineering aspect to retain a material.

At Emerald Services Of WNY Inc. we are experienced in many types of walls. We can construct, poured walls, block walls (mason) , segmented walls, courtyard walls, dry stack stone walls, etc. We have established ourselves as certified or authorized installers of some block manufacturers.

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Be Advised : If you receive quotes from a three different contractors and the prices vary such as $1800.00 / $2600.00 / $3400.00, there are many varibles to consider before making your choice. You should consider the following:

1. Manufacturer of block
2. Excavation and compaction
3. Drainage
4. Warranty on workmanship

Be sure to compare all aspects of your particular job, not just the price. Warranty on workmanship with any reputable contractor is sufficient, because if the material itself were to fail, the contractor would be reimbursed by the manufacturer of the product to replace your project.

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