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Concrete Construction - Buffalo & WNY

Our primary business in the summer months is concrete construction. We provide drives, patios, steps, walks, footers, garage slabs, etc. If it's poured with cement we can do it.

We offer traditional finishes, or custom finishes such as colored, stamped, exposed aggregate, polished, acid stained, and many more.

Most traditional finish jobs take one day! That's right our crew starts early in the morning and normally completes the project in one day. All of our work is performed by us, we use no subcontrators. For example :

New driveway - 6:30am arrive on site and set grades, 7am start removal of old drive and set up forms. 10am first load of cement, continue removal of existing drive. 2pm second load of cement. 6pm finish cleanup of worksite. Brand new drive!

Custom finish projects or multilevel projects always take more than one day, due to the construction and finishing process.

For a free quote or any information you may need click on our "Contact" link and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Concrete is used for many purposes around a home- driveways, stairs, patios, sidewalks, curbs and more. At Emerald Services we can pour the right concrete for your job. We have the experience to get your job done properly and on time.

Concrete Pool Decks

If you are installing a new ingrond pool or if you have an existing pool that has a broken or chipped concrete or cement deck around it, let us give you a quote to replace it with a fresh new pool deck.

Concrete Inground Pool Deck

Concrete Inground Pool Deck

Concrete Driveways

View our gallery of finished Concrete Driveways

All concrete driveways we pour are properly graded first by our crew, no subcontractors. After the driveway is graded, we then tamp the entire area with a gas powered tamper to be sure you have a strong solid base for your new driveway.

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Basement Floors

We pour all types of basement floors, from basic concrete to custom stamped and colored floors.

Interior Concrete Work

Not all concrete construction work is done in driveways or patios or sidewalks. We do many interior concrete jobs. From pouring basement floors to commercial floor cutting and patching and garage floors

Interior Concrete Construction

Interior Concrete Construction

Interior Concrete Construction

Concrete sidewalks

Got broken, uneven, pitted, ugly and even dangerous sidewalks around your home or business? Let Emerald Services give you a quote to fix this headache once and for all. You don't need a lawsuit over a broken sidewalk. Get it fixed today.

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk

Stamped Concrete

View our gallery of Stamped Concrete Patios & Walks

Get the look of slate, brick, or cobblestone with stamped concrete. It's fast, long lasting and available in just about any pattern and color combination.

Stamped concrete Patio

Stamped concrete Patio

See stamped concrete patterns and colors

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